How to Post an Image

 Posting an Image to the Web Site

First you need to register with the site and login.  

   Main Menu > Home  ,  User Login > Register (a very little link below the login boxes)

You will become a registered user almost immediately. 

A registered user can post an image two ways:

1 Click on Main Menu > Photo Gallery   This causes sub menu items of Add Photo to appear in the main menu


2  Go to the Photo Gallery.  Select User Panel from top of page.  It will list all photos you have submitted.  Also at the top center is the new picture  button.  A selection tool will prompt the user for the file from their computer.  Next be sure to include comments and description.  This information is used to aid search tools and will prove invaluable after several hundred images are accumulated.

3 RESTRICTION,  while the open registration is allowed on the site, you will only be allowed to post images to the PhotoWall category.  If you need to place images in other categories send me an email with the Main Menu > Contact IOC


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